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Greetings from Indonesian Pediatric Society | PERTEMUAN ILMIAH TAHUNAN ILMU KESEHATAN ANAK KE-6 IKATAN DOKTER ANAK INDONESIA - Acceleration of MDGs 2015 Achievement with Comprehensive Management of Pediatric Problems
Greetings from Indonesian Pediatric Society

We will meet each other again at Annual Scientific Meeting of Indonesian Pediatric Society which is now held in Solo, Central Java. Current meeting still brings up the topic of MDG as its scientific event umbrella. Although in fact that MDG has been socialized, the achievement of MDG's goals is still under the expectation. We still have children dying from their illness when they shouldn’t.

As medical professionals who always abide on the professional ethics, we must keep improving our professional qualities. Our competencies have to be better from day to day. Child health care services have to be professional and must be available not only in big cities but also available in primary and secondary levels. Child health care services must not only be provided by specialists (pediatricians) but also be provided by general practitioners with their own competencies. By doing so, we would soon expect the establishment of ‘Child health care equality’ in Indonesia.

IDAI expect our professionalism in child health sector can be acknowledged not only by the Indonesian people, but also at the regional level. Therefore, please take advantage this PIT IKA Solo maximally, in order to provide the professional child health care services to those who need.

The success of MDG will also depend on the increasing knowledge and attitude of the community. IDAI highly expects all the health’s practitioners to play significant role as initiators, motivators, and advocator of child health in their respected regions, including the environment around us. It is worth the efforts to do any positive things though they are small rather than only take part as commentators.

In this moment, we are entrusted to nurture and take care for the children of Indonesia in reaching their future. Please take part in this moment as part of our responsibilities and challenges. We need to solve our child problem. If we don’t , Who will ?

Have a valuable meeting in PIT IKA Solo.

Dr. Badriul Hegar, PhD, SpA(K)

President of Indonesian Pediatric Society